3D Animations

If you can think of it, we can animate it!

We offer a complete animation service based on your specific requirements. Finding creative solutions to complex problems is what we do..

  • Accurate 3D modelling

  • Creation of realistic environments

  • Animating

  • Rendering

  • Editing animation (incl. voice over, possible texts, and right free music)

  • HD Video Editing

  • Integration with IOS & Android mobile applications

  • Integration with existing teaching aids such as PowerPoint or Keynote

  • 4K resolution imagery as standard

Our 3D animations can bring presentations and training sessions to life, aiding in the delivery of information accurately and efficiently from teacher to learner, or employer to employee, and achieving far greater knowledge retention than conventional classroom based training sessions.

Unlike real life video, which can be very expensive to edit or re-take when things aren’t quite right, animations can be altered in any way required in a timely and cost effective manner. A simple change in legislation or safe working guidelines within your particular industry can render a whole video useless.

Animations usually come in a video format of your choosing, but we can also provide touch screen interactive animations of specific pieces of equipment or processes, ideally suited as a learning aid whilst teaching learners how to use items of machinery or plant.

CCV Rolling Block

Animation showing one method of installing temporary traffic management and utilising a
Convoy Control Vehicle for controlling traffic through a guide island in line with
Interim Advice Note 187/15 (UK).

Vehicle Turntable

Animation showing various traffic management vehicles with
company specific livery placed to the clients specifications